When travelling to the event start at the Merv Craig Sporting Complex, we request that you access Galleon Way from Guineas Creek Road (North) rather than via Currumbin Creek Road (South). This is to limit vehicular traffic on the event course for traffic management purposes and to avoid delays.


If travelling on the M1 from the South, please exit via Stewart Road and turn RIGHT onto Currumbin Creek Road. Follow the road then turn left onto Thrower Drive and then left again onto Sarawak Avenue. Follow Sarawak Avenue into Guineas Creek Road taking a left into Galleon Way.


Car parking will be available at the Merv Craig Sporting Complex.

Time Trial Course Description


The course proceeds along Galleon Way to the T-intersection at Currumbin Creek Road. Riders then turn right into Currumbin Creek Road and continue along this road to a turn-a-round point located at the intersection of Fordyce Close (18km course) or close to the intersection of Denning Road, just before Boyd's Bridge (25km course).


Riders then return along Currumbin Creek Road before turning left into Galleon Way to continue to the race finish located opposite the Elanora Community Centre. Riders in the 50km teams events will complete two laps of the 25km course.



Time Trial Course Maps


25/50km Time Trial Course

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Mod TDV course.png
Mod TDV elevation.png

18km Time Trial Course

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18km course TDV.JPG